Which way did I go? Which way did I go?

“Why haven’t you written lately?”

To be honest I’m not even sure which excuse vector to make approach on with this so I’ll just fly right in using the crash landing coordinates – the contents of my brain are empty. Seriously. My creativity is on sabbatical, the author in my mind that often has (what might possibly have been) brilliant insights at inopportune moments that can never be remembered anyway is on furlough and the inventive sparks that flitted about my consciousness like a thousand fireflies jaggedly flying their way along the Amalfi Coast seem to be on extended recess. Gnocch Gnocch. Who’s there? Mary. Mary Who? Mary Nara. Noque Noque. Hoo Yoo? ……… Hello? Hello? Mental roll call yields as much success as Ben Stein waiting for Ferris Bueller to respond. Tuli pani…? Tuli pani…? (How I imagine he’d say it..) Crickets…Where’d I go? Should I give regards to Waldo? Ask around like the cartoon hound? Does George know my whereabouts?


Say Something. Say Anything. The swirl of fragments that become writing can take shape through memory or conversation or by a dust mote floating a sun stream or even from a completely imagined scenario that evolves while watching strangers at the airport or passing them by on city streets. Cloud shapes like to lend a hand in this as well and despite my present state of personality-on-hiatus dessicated brain juice dull-i-tude I did see an almost perfect Snoopy cloud followed by a pretty okay dragon earlier today! (Sorry no pics, but the windy day dissipated clouds quickly!)

I’m not really sure where I’ve gone (Did I oversalt in another life?) and honestly have no idea where I’m going (especially with this post today!) but, as I look outside my window through the wavy palm fronds and watch the sky changing from the brights of day to the pink-y tangerine of sunset beyond, just hoped to connect to others that might share their steadying stones across this where’d-I-go pond. Now…which way did George go?


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