Voting them off the island…

Recently I began this blooming Tulip blog and have been trying to find my way, albeit slowly and somewhat clumsily. Perhaps something like a blind, seizure prone three-legged donkey, tripod-ally traversing a treacherous and slippery cliff side trail. The more technical aspects of blog setup clearly escape me and likely will for some time. When trying to add pictures to a post it seems they have their own unruly idea as to placement, words drop off the right indent no matter the adjustments made to layout and somehow in all my nescient bumbling I have managed to add more buttons that do whoknowswhat than the Doctor has in the Tardis.
 (Note: Gratuitous Doctor Who references make me happy and will likely appear in many of my postings..)

I have bookmarked several articles regarding blog maintenance that looked to be highly informative though given their drab technical nature it is highly likely the bookmark folder they were dropped in will never see the light of day or the light of my screen again. Mea culpa and Così è la vita all at once.

I’m afraid darker forces have been at work more recently though in amassing great momentum towards immobility (or would it be called – nomentum?) in allowing me to write and post. The problem is You People. And by You People I don’t mean you people reading this right now. No, more specifically I am referring to the monsters under the bed in my head, a congregation of whispery antagonists and belittling disparagers that turn on you (well, on me in this case) with the same swift caprice as the plane crash survivors did one another on that tv series Lost. (What the…?) These taunting thugs have wasted far too much of my time tying my mental shoelaces together and scattering doubts like marbles for me to trip over. I’d hoped they’d been left behind when I moved to the island but alas as the old and very true saying goes – wherever you go, there you (and your pet demons) are. Here’s the thing…There’s been this world in me waiting to explode forever so the time has come for my self-created fret festa phantoms to shuffle on off to Buffalo, the sidetracking and sidelining has gone on long enough!


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