Amidst the extravagant silence of a Sierra Nevada twilight many June moons ago, I took a long walk with a candelabra.

Creatures of the night, beware! Me and my unlit candles don’t want no lip. (Or fang…)


I was 14 years old, about 30 miles from where I wanted to be the next morning and apparently, to the me of then, it made some semblance of sense to just set off into the (mountain) lion, coyote and bear dense & darkened woods with nothing more than a three-armed crystal candle holder to light the way. Oh my. Perhaps I thought, “Hmmm, a flashlight maybe? Erphh, so trite. No, no, this cumbersome and terribly inconvenient candelabra that will surely never stay alight is my tool of choice!” In the event the previous admittance didn’t already make it abundantly clear, I was then (and am still) something of an odd duck, though on that evening my luminary albatross made tapping along to the different drummer’s beat a bit more unwieldy.

The odd duck among friends. Or, how I envisioned blending in with the forest creatures…


 Not sure if any credit can go to my crystal candelabra perhaps dazzling any animals in the vicinity as moonlight glinted off of it’s grooves and curves or if the wild beasties had already set out for their own summer vacations, party size bag of Cheetos in paw, but thankfully we were all spared any startling fur-flying and/or hair-raising encounters and finally, after trudging long through the starry night with only 2 short rides accepted, the trek was completed early the next morning with plenty of candle wick to spare. 


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